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Swing Bed Program


When a person is first admitted to a hospital, that patient is often very ill and needs a great deal of care. The admission into the hospital is called a subacute care admission. The patient usually regains their health and is well enough to be discharged from the hospital. Sometimes, however, a patient may need an extended period of time after the acute phase of an illness to fully recuperate. This type of medical attention is called skilled nursing care and can often be provided in a Swing Bed Program.

Candler County Hospital offers a Swing Bed Program as an alternative discharge plan from acute care. Some patients may be ready for discharge from the acute care, but may not be ready yet for discharge to home due to skilled care needs. Others may be ready for discharge from acute care and have plans for admission into the nursing home, but may need more care prior to admission or return to the nursing home.

At Candler County Hospital, our Swing Bed Program offers 24-hour nursing care, Physical Therapy services, IV antibiotic administration, respiratory treatments and a variety of other services. We have excellent physicians, nurses and ancillary staff as well. Patients are generally admitted to the Swing Bed Program for approximately one to two weeks, and are then ready for the next continuum of care.

Admission to the Swing Bed requires:
  • At least a 3 consecutive day qualifying stay in an acute facility prior to admission into the Swing Bed
  • A qualified skilled need (i.e., debilitated weakness with a need for Physical Therapy, IV medications, post-op joint replacements, like hip or knee replacements, wound care, Respiratory Therapy Care, etc.)

A patient may remain in the program as long as there are skilled therapeutic goals to achieve. When the goals have been met, or when a patient is not continuing to make progress in achieving the goals, the person is discharged from the program.

For patient referrals or additional information on our program, please call (912) 685-5741 and ask to speak with the Swing Bed Coordinator, Kym Bowman.

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