Candler County Hospital

Pharmaceutical Services

Hospital stays often require new medications and/or continuance of home medicines. Providing medications to our patients in an accurate, timely manner is our top priority at Candler County Hospital. Your needs must be met first.

The pharmacy staff works to ensure that the medications our patients require are administered at the correct doses and also screened to prevent drug and food interactions. In addition, the pharmacy is equipped to ensure the dose is appropriate for the patient’s weight, age, and kidney/liver function.

The pharmacy provides medications to inpatients, outpatients, and emergency room patients. The pharmacy utilizes an automated medication dispensing machine supplied by the PYXIS Corporation. PYXIS technology allows for around-the-clock provision of medications.

In summary, the pharmacy at Candler County Hospital is staffed and equipped to meet your pharmacy needs by accurately providing by-mouth medication, fluids, antibiotics, and nutritional feedings.

Important Notes

These suggestions will help your doctor and other health care professionals make the best choices in treating your health conditions.

  • Always bring your current medications & medication list* when you are admitted to the hospital.
  • Maintain an accurate list of allergies.
  • Maintain a list of major medical conditions (seizures, heart problems, breathing difficulties, etc.).

Please feel free to Contact Us for any questions regarding services.