Candler County Hospital

Food and Nutrition Services

For many illnesses and diseases, nutrition is a vital part of the healing process. When you are admitted to our hospital, an assessment is done of your nutritional needs. A plan is developed to help meet those needs and to follow your physician’s orders for any special diets or supplements.

Our Registered Dietitian and Food Service Manager work with physicians, nurses, and other clinical staff to see that your meals aid in your plan of treatment. We offer Select Menus for both therapeutic and regular diets to insure we have a variety of nutritious meals available.

We will provide specialty diet instructions for your stay and discharge. Our Registered Dietitian has developed educational materials for numerous diagnoses such as high blood pressure, diabetes, renal disease, cardiac disease, arthritis, and weight management (many of these are also in Spanish.) In addition, diet instructions for outpatients will be provided as ordered by the physician.

Our department is staffed and equipped to meet your nutritional needs. Please Contact Us if you have any questions.